Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Charcuterie Board & Burgundy Plaid

I can't believe the first month of the new year is already done! It's been an pretty packed month with lots going on but that will likely be the case for the rest of the year. I have lots of exciting things planned and can't wait to share it so take this super lengthy post as a preview of what's to come!

In the moments of the impending wrap-up to a pretty successful 2017 project, I struggled with ideas for my next project. I didn't feel done with fashion photography but at the same time, wanted to pursue something further. I sifted through old photos from both Vintage and Fashion projects and realized I wanted to zero in on the props shots -- some examples:

Shooting with models, going to various locations, and trying to work with what's provided to me was challenging in it's own way. But it'll be really cool to create the sets and have complete control over what comes out on camera. Kind of a throwback to my traditional pencil + paper days, creating something from nothing. A totally different challenge! From the little taste I got from shooting the few props shots in the vintage project, I know this won't be an easy undertaking, but it's definitely an area I want to develop. I haven't focused on this area before so I'll try my best to push myself to create magazine-esque shots of product and lifestyle photography. Here's an example of my aspirations: release the kraken.

It'll be a while before I reach that level but I got an early opportunity to try my hand at a small get together with friends. They brought out the charcuterie board and champagne and I helped arrange it nicely -- but it didn't actually occur to me to take photos until they all pulled out their phones for their Snapchat stories. After laughing along with the many filters, I decided to snap up some shots of my own.

"Alright, move aside ya filthy casuals." -cue more laughter-

Friday, 19 January 2018

Winter Wrap-up with Perrin

Please excuse the lateness of this post! Perrin and I actually did shoot this back in December when this post should have come out but the entire month was insanely chaotic with work and holidays and then I left for my trip (more on that later!) but better late than never right? Plus, winter is like, the longest season in Ottawa, so these outfits are still relevant even now!

So herreeeee we goooo!

Preloved Camel coat from United Colours of Benneton
Vintage saddlebag thrifted from VV

Fur hat from Danier
Sunglasses from Banana Republic
Scarf from my parents
Knit gloves from Michael Kors

Q: How do you stay stylish in colder weather?

Accessories are a must: hats and scarves and gloves all add to an outfit.  But really, it's all about the outwear. I like to look for defined waist, and a high neck is handy too because sometimes I'm too lazy to wear a scarf. Ruched sleeves are nice to have as well, to block wind from going up your sleeves. For colours, I prefer to stay away from black because winter is dreary enough as it is.  Plus, it's dark all the time and you don't want to get accidentally run over! To be honest though, in Ottawa, at a certain point, style goes out the window -- it's just too darn cold! 

Patterned leggings from Winners
Booties from UGG 


Q: What do you look for in your winter pieces?

With sweaters, I like those that are machine washable (low maintenance!) but good quality. Cashmere is my favourite thing, but acrylic is good too. I've gone off wool, I find there's lots of cheap wool out there that's not great and it's really itchy! If it's scratchy, I'm not going to wear it, even if it's really pretty. I don't like knits that are too heavy either because you want to be able to layer them. Jewel tones go well in the winter -- burgundy, navy, dark green, and mustard is a good accent too. I also love white in the winter. Reds can be a little tricky because you can look like a Christmas tree -- unless that's what you're going for! 

Jacquard crop top from Express
Sweater skirt from Winners

Red necklace thrifted from VV
Bracelet from H&M
Q: What are your styling tips for dressing up for corporate events, like office parties?

It's easy to want to show off your favourite frock but be careful that you don't show too much skin! It's still a work event so a safe combination is to go with work colours, like neutrals, but add details, like sparkles, sequins, shiny textures like silver and gold, to add visual interest. Evening jewelry can work too to jazz things up! I like fun pieces, like this red necklace here. It's bigger and bolder than usual work jewelry but still acceptable for parties! The holiday season overall is a good opportunity to show more personality and a fun change from the monotonous work uniform.

Cheese wedge purse from 613 Flea
Vintage heels thrifted from VV 

And that's a wrap for my 2017 Fashion Photography project! Thanks Perrin for bracing yourself in the cold for the first outfit shoot! Plus, I really love the fun mix of colours and textures in both outfits and your insightful answers to the interview questions. Part of me still can't believe this project is over but can't dwell on the past! Already mentally preoccupied with my 2018 project...which I will reveal in my next post before the month is over! I know it's all very vague but I don't want to spill the beans before I have something to show for it.

So thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed these photos, and stay tuned! :)